Sports Medicine: Lumix superpulsed laser therapy—keeping athletes on top of their game

Athletes have different lifestyles and needs from those of other patients. Their bodies are frequently pushed to human limits, both on and off the field, on a regular basis. They require advanced treatment techniques to keep them in the game.

Lumix superpulsed laser therapy provides a safe, ethical, and effective means to enhance their performance through conditioning and through rehabilitation from injury.

Pre-game Strategies:

  • Strengthening and conditioning areas that support specific muscle groups and nerves with Lumix superpulsed laser therapy helps athletes stay game-ready for top performance.
  • As a muscle toner a day before a game, the laser can load ATP energy directly into cells.

Post-game Strategy:

  • Lumix laser therapy increases ATP to repair cells and restore cellular function.
  • Releasing lactic acid with laser therapy helps reduce pain and muscle cramping.

Laser Biotech International is a proud sponsor of  the Richmond Black Widows — Richmond's only, Virginia's most-winning women’s contact football team.

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