Lumix Lasers

For exceptional safety

and unsurpassed performance

Meet the Lumix Superpulsed Lasers

Sought by patients for profound relief and resolution

Praised by clinicians for safe and phenomenal results

Featured in journal published research for their therapeutic ability to regenerate tissue, reduce pain and promote healing

Lumix-45W laser

For uniquely powerful pain relief, reduced inflammation, and facilitated healing, choose Lumix lasers. Lumix FDA-cleared Class 3b and Class 4 lasers provide superior cost-per-watt performance, combining superpulsed and continuous wave wavelengths.

  • Highest performing peak and average powers for deepest tissue penetration, profound results

  • Highest photon density and absorption rates for best therapeutic results in less time.

  • Best combinations of 2 – 5 wavelengths for more effective therapy that affects all injured tissues

  • Easy to use touchscreen and protocols to guide safe, effective treatments by physician or staff

  • Best value laser in the US!

Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC
Dr. Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC

World Class Technology - World Class Support

Laser Biotech International was founded by Dr. Nelson Marquina – engineer, physician, educator, author, international speaker and laser expert. His technical leadership uniquely positions the company to consistently provide the best practice value with Lumix performance, results for patients and  technical knowledge and clinical support for staff. Healthcare providers experience the satisfaction of remarkable patient outcomes and practice excellence with Lumix superpulsed lasers.

What is the value of pain relief?

Pain is a fact of life for many. For the individuals suffering, the pain comes with a high cost, placing a healthcare burden on not only themselves, but also the families and communities that support them.

Today physicians have the ability to provide safe, non-addictive pain treatment alternatives with therapeutic lasers. Lumix superpulsed biostimulative lasers provide patients with fast, effective and long lasting relief.

Lumix superpulsed biostimulative lasers work to:

  • Reduce acute inflammation, swelling and bruising 
  • Repair damaged tissue for improved healing 
  • Infuse injured cells with energy 
  • Reach deeply into joints, muscles and organs
  • Increase metabolism
  • Stimulate immune function
  •  Improve vascularity 
  • Relieve difficult neuropathic pain
  • Speed wound healing, including burns
  • Reduce scar formation
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Improved joint function
  • Remove cellular toxins
  • Provide pain relief without risk of opioid addiction

Blog Post

Superpulsed vs. Continuous Wave

Can I adjust my CW laser to emit superpulsed laser? The quick answer is no.  It’s similar to changing a gasoline engine to a diesel engine. They are two very different ways of generating power. Generally speaking, superpulsed (SP) lasers generate high peak power with relatively lower average power for deep tissue penetration. Specific laser diodes are required to produce high peak powers and high pulse rates and use very short pulse durations such as 10 or 200 nanoseconds to deliver safe average power. Superpulsed diodes producing pulse rates of 30,000 pulses per second (30 kHz) or higher are