The Story Behind Laser Biotech International

Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC is the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Laser Biotech International in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up in Peru surrounded by a family of professors and teachers the young Marquina was a passionate student. Before long a curious scientist began to emerge. Displaying an interest in the effects of light, he conducted experiments using only a broken light bulb and the sun.

Traveling to the United States as a foreign student, Dr. Marquina’s shoes disintegrated within two weeks of his arrival in wintry Michigan—a climate dramatically different from his homeland. The misadventures of learning how to navigate in a new culture and communicating in a different language did little to deter him. He was set on contributing to his family and the larger world. 

Dr. Nelson Marquina’s earlier experiments in light paved the way to his later studies in image processing, robotics engineering, artificial intelligence, human physiology and biochemistry, and energetic medicine. The string of letters after his name reflects a strong desire to understand and synthesize all he has learned. His scientific contributions to cutting edge technology applications in various industries also reflects this commitment.

After designing and directing a clinical trial for laser therapy and tracking the phenomenal results,Dr. Marquina embarked on a mission to bring advanced laser technology to the US. After seeking out engineering and physician partners, he and his team went on to co-found USA Laser in 1999. Two decades later he saw the need to bring laser therapy to new levels of understanding. In 2017 this vision brought him to his current venture—Laser Biotech International. 

Dr. Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC is an accomplished author and international expert and educator of laser therapy.

He is the author of “Energy Medicine: Focus on Lasers” in the third edition (2017) of the book, The Scientific Basis of Integrative Health. In clinical and lay language, the chapter leverages the benefits and integration of therapeutic lasers into medicine and healthcare. Marquina also contributed a chapter in the 2015 book Pain Relief and Healing with Lasers: Dental Protocols of Laser Treatments released in Japan.

Dr. Marquina can be found conducting seminars and research presentations in laser phototherapy and photobiology in North America, Asia and South America. He has taught laser biophysics, bioelectromagnetic medicine and artificial intelligence while serving as faculty at several universities. Additionally, Dr. Marquina held corporate positions in technology development and management.


The Company Vision

Changing lives through the power of lasers. 

The Company Mission

Our mission at Laser Biotech International is to offer high-performing superpulsed lasers with superior functionality that deliver high-value, pain-relief and health restoration solutions for diverse health care applications. 

Core Values

Laser Biotech International is committed to:

  • Excellence in therapeutic technology. No other laser parallels the superpulsed capability of its Lumix lasers for regenerative effects in cells.
  • Bringing the potential of coherent light technology to its greatest resonance with the physiological, biochemical and electromagnetic potential of living tissue. Our lasers stimulate and amplify the body’s natural capabilities for  healing.
  • Promoting excellence in clinical effectiveness for patient well-being. Sponsoring continuing education events and resources on diverse laser treatment topics.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary exchange for the applications of laser therapy, in conjunction with the Institute for Integrative Therapies, an inter-disciplinary group of healthcare practitioners.
  • Being a good steward of its community. As an example, the company is proud to sponsor Lumix superpulsed laser therapy for injuries, conditioning, and rehab for the Richmond Black Widows, Richmond’s only and Virginia’s most-winning women’s contact football team. 
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