Physical medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, dermatology, podiatry, physical therapy, sports medicine, orthopedics, and pediatrics demonstrate positive benefits from applications of safe, gentle and effective Lumix lasers.

Lumix superpulsed lasers can enhance your ability to relieve pain and promote lasting results.

                                                                      Lumix owners say:

“The Lumix 250 has changed so many lives in my office…we haven’t found any pain syndrome yet that can resist it.”

Stephen Eggleston, MS, DC—Danville,VA

“Lumix results are most miraculous! Immediate results have been attained with plantar fasciitis and TMJ pain.”

Raymond Wiegand, DC—St. Charles, MO 

“In my 20+ years of practicing full remit of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics…I am extremely impressed by the clinical results I obtain using the Lumix laser.”

Derek Mahony, DDS, MSOrth—Sydney, Australia

“Treatment results have been magical for family, friends and patients over the years. I have come to expect these daily results as ‘normal response.’  We accomplish healing without pain, drugs, or surgery in every aspect of my own life and my dental/medical practice.“

Paul Grussenmeyer, DMD—Cherry Hill, NJ

“Lumix lasers are unmatched for clinical effectiveness, reliability, and simplicity of use.”

Andrzej Zielke, MD—Pittsburgh, PA

“I recently treated a patient with a severe case of Aphthous Stomatitis with extensive ulcers. I used the Lumix for about 20 minutes. Immediately, his pain level decreased significantly and his energy level and spirits were much improved. The following week he presented with no complaints, indicating that his ulcers had dissipated the day after treatment.”

Joseph Goth, DMD, MD—Moon Township, PA 

“It is not surprising when a patient leaves the clinic with a pain reduction of 80% or better and sometimes even 100% when Lumix lasers are used in conjunction with other procedures.”

Ward Morrow, PT—Front Royal, VA

“A patient with diabetic neuropathy for 7 years could not believe he could actually feel his feet touch the ground for the first time in years after treatment with the Lumix laser.”

Maria Kasper, DPM, FACFAS—York, PA

“The Lumix has been an invaluable tool in helping me treat neuropathy. No single device has provided a greater impact on my practice in regard to patient outcomes and returns.”

Todd Zeno, DPM—East Berlin, PA


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