Warranty & Repair Information


Warranty covers electronic or mechanical components

Warranty work must be pre-authorized

All warranty repair work by LC Laser Service or warranty is void

Laser Owner is responsible for initial warranty shipping costs and arrangements

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Covers:

Manufacturing defects of each electronic or mechanical component 

Warranty Does Not Cover:

Fiber optic cables, goggles, case

Damage that results from misuse, lack of reasonable care, falls, violent 
shocks, use of inadequate voltage or current, unauthorized modification or improper operation, as determined by Laser Biotech Warranty Repairs 

Who to Contact

During the warranty period,
all pre-authorized repair work is handled by:


LC Laser Service

13624 Tamiami Tr. MB 206

North Port, FL 34287


All warranty repair work is performed by LC Laser Service; no exceptions or 
warranty is void.

The laser must be shipped to LC Laser Service in original packing or equivalent to 
ensure full warranty.

What to do when a problem occurs:

The Laser Owner 

  • Reports the problem to Laser Biotech

  • Reports laser Serial Number to confirm that laser is under warranty

  • Reports list of symptoms and related conditions of the problem 

Laser Biotech customer service reviews troubleshooting the laser with Laser Owner
 and may suggest diagnostic or restorative procedures.

If no apparent resolution, then: 

    • An authorization for warranty work may be provided to the Laser Owner by Laser Biotech

    • Laser Owner is responsible for securely packing the laser for shipment and arrangements and costs of shipping the laser to LC Laser Service

    • If the diagnostic work reveals a warranty repair is needed, the repair is completed and the repaired laser is returned to the Laser Owner by Laser Biotech

Loaner lasers are not available from Laser Biotech. Typically, diagnosis and repair are only a few days, and the laser is returned to service as quickly as possible.

Non-Warranty Procedures

Laser Biotech receives laser Serial Number and verifies that the laser is out of warranty; or the diagnostic work reveals a non-warranty repair is needed. The Laser Owner is responsible for providing authorization and billing information for the repairs and return shipping costs.

Laser Biotech may provide LC Laser Service contact information to the Laser Owner as a recommended repair service, or any other recommended repair service.

Laser Owner contacts LC Laser Service directly, or any other repair service, and accepts the financial responsibility of the repairs.

If the Laser Owner chooses LC Laser Service for evaluation and/or repair service:

    • LC Laser Service may contact the Laser Owner for additional information needed to diagnose or repair the laser

    • LC Laser Service contacts the Laser Owner when the work is complete, or the unit is ready for shipping

LC Laser Service provides a Repairs Report to the Laser Owner which includes:

    • Diagnostic information on the problem

    • Problem resolution

    • Tracking information for laser return to the Laser Owner