Laser Therapy and Peripheral Neuropathy


In December of 2017, a diabetic patient sought laser treatment for autonomic digestive neuropathy. The patient had been told by medical doctors that the condition was incurable. Thee doctors insisted the only option was medications to manage the ongoing pain and agonizing digestive symptoms. After some success with laser treatment by a podiatrist for peripheral neuropathy in their feet, the patient requested treatment for the autonomic neuropathy and was referred to a chiropractor that used Lumix superpulsed lasers.

Here are the patient’s words about the experience:

 “I found little hope until I found Lumix laser therapy. After twelve, 15-minute treatments, my nausea ceased, my blood sugar levels began to stabilize and the debilitating abdominal pains that prevented me from holding my baby girl during the first two years of her life were gone. That was the day my wife cried. It was a day I will never forget. Lumix laser therapy changed my life.”

Common nerve pain symptoms

Recent estimates show up to twenty-million people in the US alone suffer from peripheral neuropathy (2018). Whether caused by physical trauma, repetitive stress, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, chronic infections, environmental toxins or medications, three main types of nerves are effected:
  • Sensory nerves that govern physical senses
  • Motor nerves that regulate muscles
  • Autonomic nerves that control visceral muscles and function
Neuropathic symptoms be remedied Neuropathy is a complex condition. Symptoms are as unique as each individual.  There are several effective natural treatments that relieve discomfort. Some show promise to slow progression and even reverse symptoms. Many medical practitioners are finding laser therapy to be a useful tool and are using it alongside other restoration therapies for conditions like peripheral neuropathy. Therapeutic lasers can help Laser therapy can relieve symptoms caused by nerve damage though the process of photobiomodulation. Properly-equipped lasers have the ability to send photons of light deep into tissue to repair damaged nerve tissue, resolve inflammation and stimulate new cell growth. These actions relieve the symptoms of neuropathy, including pain, numbness, hypersensitivity and loss of function. For more information about the laser treatment parameters, contact Dr. Sherron Marquina, DC at