Doing the Math is Crucial in a Therapeutic Laser Purchase

A Star Wars looking laser means nothing in the clinical application of laser therapy

We all know that outward appearances aren’t everything. This holds true when considering a therapeutic laser purchase. Forget the bells and whistles of futuristic, space-age appeal that some lasers exhibit. In reality, what counts is inside the machine.  And how the laser delivers results.

Results that Matter

When a therapeutic laser purchase is on the table, look for a laser capable of producing results in the shortest time frame possible. This comes down to:

  • peak and average powers
  • depth of tissue penetration
  • pulse rates

Often times those numbers are nowhere to be found in the sales materials. And even when they are present, the offered interpretation may not comply with the principles of modern physics.

Looks can be Deceiving

With the proliferation of therapeutic lasers on the US market since 1999,  models have morphed into all shapes and sizes—from floor and hand-held models to desktop and portable versions,  to ones with screens that talk to you, some versions will attempt to tell you how to treat a patient. They look and feel like R2-D2, but are lacking in the necessary power that ensures effectiveness and provides optimal clinical results.

Experience that Counts

When laser expert Dr. Nelson Marquina worked for NASA, he recognized his mission in advancing humanity through technology. Upon discovering laser therapy, he reviewed the research, designed clinical studies and partnered with a manufacturer to co-design lasers. These lasers arrived to the laser therapy market with the highest therapeutic value and at the most reasonable prices. The device?  The Lumix superpulsed laser.

Laser Quality and Powers Rule

Lumix superpulsed lasers are scientifically proven to have the highest peak and average power wattage in the industry. Those powers, combined with a high pulse rate, are able to send waves of healing light coursing through the human (or animal) body, focused with the necessary depths of penetration to regenerate tissue and reduce pain and inflammation – safely, effectively and gently.

Sound like something you might expect to see on a classic Star Wars’ episode? Safe, reliable relief from chronic or acute pain and injuries as well as effective tissue repair are just some of the results many have come to expect from the Lumix superpulsed laser.

If you would like to learn more about lasers and how they can superpulse your practice, check our seminar and webinar offerings. To experience the capabilities of Lumix lasers, call today to schedule a free demo at 804.377.2234.

No one wants to be sold a laser that doesn’t produce the desired clinical results even if it does look like something from a R2D2.