More Information Needed?

Are you wondering if laser therapy is all that it is cracked up to be as an effective tool for pain relief? Or is it just another empty promise with a price tag?

Yes, laser therapy works!

Laser therapy is backed by science. Widely used in Europe and Asia since the 1970’s, it was cleared by the FDA for use in the United States as a treatment for pain in 2002. Lumix lasers received the first FDA clearance for its superpulsed technology in 2004, and subsequent FDA clearances for other technological advances since then. Major league sports and Olympic athletes vouch for its impact in their performance and injury recovery. Medical scientists and clinicians have demonstrated the effectiveness of laser therapy in hundreds of scientific studies. 

Not all lasers are created equal.

Many of lasers in the market are not equipped with the technology to match the claims of deep-tissue healing. If sufficient light energy isn’t delivered to the target depth of the pain source, the results of the therapy will be short-lived.

Lumix lasers are the leader in advanced laser technology, integrating advanced Superpulsed and conventional Continuous Wave pulsed emissions in one amazing instrument. These lasers produce superior therapeutic effects in shorter treatment times, with the greatest safety available in the market.

Test it out for yourself

With Laser Biotech, you can expect integrity and results.

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Let your patients experience the pain-relieving treatment that our Lumix superpulsed lasers offer. Contact us to schedule a laser therapy demo at your office.

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  • Understanding different wavelengths
  • Comparing Superpulsed and Continuous Wave laser
  • Powers required for different applications
  • Combining laser therapy with other therapies
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