Simplified treatment guidelines for Lumix laser therapy

  • Superpulsed laser safely treats any tissue with virtually no thermal risk
  • Superpulsed + CW laser treats any tissue with reduced thermal risk, requiring lower CW average powers and providing deeper penetration
  • Blood irradiation is a general support protocol for improving metabolism and alleviating trauma
  • The “sweet spot” for regeneration is 30/40 kHz pulse frequency
  • Use reduced %/duty cycle for the metabolically challenged patient: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion, debilitation
  • Nerve tissue responds well to 40 kHz pulse frequency
  • Acute injuries respond well to 20 kHz pulse frequency
  • Old injuries, if not currently symptomatically active but recurrent, can be “activated” to an acute stage of inflammation with 60-80 kHz pulse frequency, for faster resolution
  • Keep the laser on or very near the skin; slowly sweep the area when using higher average powers to control thermal build-up